Delaware Envirothon is around the corner!

On April 19th, teams of Delaware high school students will gather for the 2019 Delaware ENVIROTHON. This competition is part of a national program that provides hands-on education for high school students about natural resources, water quality and the environment. Students learn about aquatic ecology, forestry, soils and land use, wildlife, oral presentation skills, and a special topic that changes every year.  Teams from around the state have worked hard for months to prepare- attending training sessions and creating and practicing their oral presentations.

Some of these students will go on to explore careers in the environment and natural resource management, but all of them will benefit through increased environmental literacy!

This is a great video of students, instructors and partners, talking about the value of the experience at a recent Envirothon:

We’re looking forward to this year’s Delaware Envirothon and to sharing some of the highlights of the day! To learn more about the Delaware Envirothon, visit:¬†

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