What We Do

Delaware’s Conservation Districts provide cost-effective services to communities, businesses, farmers and residents to enhance the productivity of land, protect our public infrastructure and improve the quality of life for all Delawareans. Our districts implement hundreds of projects every year!

Here’s a list of ways that we serve Delaware’s communities:

Conservation Technical Assistance

  • Whole Farm Conservation Planning
  • Nutrient Management Planning
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning (Animal Waste Plans)
  • Cover Crop/ Soil Health Management Advice and Soil Health Evaluations
  • Compliance and Verification Inspections
  • Pre-sidedress Nitrate Tests (PSNTs)
  • Soil Sampling
  • Cover crop seeding with the Air Seeder
  • Urban Agriculture

Tax Ditch Technical Assistance

  • Inspections to identify maintenance needs
  • Assist Tax Ditch Managers in prioritizing repair and maintenance projects
  • liaison between Tax Ditch Organizations and DNREC Drainage Program

Sediment & Stormwater Services

  • Stormwater Plan Review and Approval
  • Sediment and Stormwater Construction Bonding
  • Drainage Complaints
  • Native Plant Resources
  • Construction and Maintenance Inspections

Cost-Share Funding and Loans

  • Composters or Mortality Freezers
  • Cover Crops
  • Conservation Cost-Share
  • Tax Ditch Cost-Share
  • Vegetative Shoreline Stabilization
  • Poultry and Dairy Revolving Loan Fund
  • County Drainage Funds
  • Large Animal Mortality Program
  • Urban Agricultural Cost-Share

Education and Outreach

  • Soil Health Workshops & Field Days
  • MS4 Workshops
  • Stormwater Maintenance Workshops
  • Urban Agriculture Workshops
  • Delaware Envirothon
  • Construction Checklist for New Poultry Farms

Heavy Equipment Services

  • Farmland Clearing
  • Spoil Leveling
  • Private & Tax Ditch Maintenance & Mowing
  • Relocation & Construction of New Ditches
  • Construction of Wildlife & Deep Fish Ponds
  • Culvert & Drainage Pipe Installations
  • Shoreline Stabilization & Restoration
  • Beach & Dune Restoration
  • No-Till Drill Rental
  • Weed Wiper Bar
  • Wetlands Construction & Restoration
  • Stormwater & Drainage Projects
  • Water Control Structures