District official training series

The National Association of Conservation Districts and the National Association of State Conservation Agencies recognize the importance of providing training for Conservation District Officials to understand both your responsibilities and to support you in leading a successful conservation district.

DACD has developed this Conservation District Training Series based on topics outlined by NACD and NASCA.

As these materials are released, the links for each topic will become active.

Training Topics:

  1. Overview
  2. History of the Conservation Movement
  3. What is a Conservation District 
  4. Legal Responsibilities
  5. Ethics and General Responsibilities
  6. Roles and Responsibilities of Local, State and National Association and Partners
  7. Understanding Local, State and Federal Laws, Rules and Regulations Related to Conservation Districts
  8. Fiduciary Responsibilities and Financial Training
  9. Employees
  10. State and National Resolutions Process
  11. Conservation Programs
  12. Legislative Processes
  13. Proper Protocol in Conducting Public Meetings
  14. Basic Operations
  15. Election Process and Board Member Recruitment